Player Profiles

If you play with the Playa Pops and want to add your profile to this page just send the photo and bio to and I'll see you get added.


Hurricane Susan


ShyPi earned her name from her first burn in 2015. She's not really shy, but she's an introvert and it rhymes with a number of which she can recite more than 100 digits. Over the last 25 years, ShyPi has performed, toured, and recorded in venues worldwide, including mega concert stadiums and for NPR live radio. She has been invited to work and learn with artists such as Pinchas Zuckerman, Marco Antonio Solis, and others, adding up to three GRAMMY® wins and thirty GRAMMY®-nominations within one degree separation. Her magic helps bigshots earn their big accomplishments. Playapops is no exception.


Cardiac surgeon by day. Catching up on REM at night.


Named Diesel because I put Diesel in a gasoline generator at P3 in 2015 and had to siphon it out by mouth. The Genny was fine.

My first burn was in 2009. I've camped solo, with large camps and have found a home camp with a wonderful group of friends who build domes out in the burbs.

Been playing the flute for 20 years. Decided after seeing playa pops that I wanted to bring music to the playa. Played with you guys in 2019 and cried while we played wish you were here at the temple as I thought of those I had lost.

Love camping, dancing, music, the outdoors, and creating community. Have a cat named Lady Gray.

Excited to be dusty again.

Allen Freedman


My first burn was in 2003, and it was mind blowing. I'm sure you all con relate to that. On the last day of my first burn I discovered the "Human Carcus Wash", sponsored by Polly Paradise. I knew that my next year MUST be with then and I have camped with Poly Paradise ever since. Except for the years I lived in Costa Rica, I have burned every year since. I'm very much looking forward to returning to the dust.

I am a retired public school teacher (orchestra and computer programming) and worked in Utah, Montana and Washington. These days I teach viola and violin, perform with the Port Angeles Symphony (viola), and conduct the Sequim Community Orchestra.As a hobby I manage several websites of community groups, fly RC airplanes and quad-copters, and SCUBA.

My wife and I created, and ran a youth symphony for young musicians for 25 years. We continue to teach private lessons, as well as run workshops for kids.

Ellen O'Neill

My first experience with the PlayaPops was as an audience member at my first burn in 2017. I had not played my flute since freshman year of High School, but I knew I wanted to be a part of the Pops! I signed up for the 2018 season, took months to relearn how to play the pieces, and have been here every year since.

Learning the music still takes me forever, but it is one of my favorite parts of burn prep. I love knowing that there are musicians practicing all over the world, planning to play together soon in BRC.

PlayaPops founder, Pigtails, started something truly special here. She created a fun filled orchestra in the desert that encourages all ability levels to participate. It has such pure Burner spirit! I am so honored to do my part in continuing her work by taking on the role of PlayaPops director in 2023.

You can reach out to me for any assistance you may need and I will do my best to help, or point you in the direction of someone who can. Find my email on the Contacts page. Dust wishes!


I’ve been playing clarinet for over 60 years, including University of Arizona Marching Band, where we appeared in the first Super Bowl. I presently have a 12-piece klezmer band that performs professionally for various events, play alto clarinet in a clarinet choir, and play with various Jewish musical groups. Having attended my first burn in 2010, I was intrigued by all the music on the playa, and started playing with the Burning Band, Playa Pops and others 2016-2019. The last few years I’ve camped with Snowflake Village/Burning Band and look forward to being with all of you in 2022. Safety Third!


Thirteen years ago, Buttons told me about TTiTD and I was intrigued. Every year since then he would tell me more stories until I told him that as soon as I retired, I would be there with him. That was in 2019 and then covid. I was at 3 rehearsals and 5 concerts that year (plus a dinner concert where we ate spaghetti with spoons made out of paper plates). This year, I will be helping with attendance and records admin, etc. (gopher) and so looking forward to getting to know y'all. Can't wait to go Home.

Geoff w/a G

13 burns ago, as I drove onto the playa the first time, I remember saying that I couldn't come here only once.

I have taught public school music, Zoom music lessons, played music professionally, traveled in most states, Eastern and Western Europe and Africa, South America, Cuba, etc. I have been camping within Snowflake Village, playing banjo with the Burning Band, singing with the Playa Choir, and playing bass with PlayaPops.