Player Profiles

If you play with the Playa Pops and want to add your profile to this page just send the photo and bio to and I'll see you get added.


Hurricane Susan

Christine Brush

Greetings; I am looking forward to going home this year after a long absence! My name is Christine Brush, playa name Miss Christine. I play the violin just well enough to be a second violinist, and I played with the Playapops in 2014 and 2015 when the orchestra first debuted at Burning Man.

My long absence from the burn was due to returning to college to develop my "retirement career". I graduated from New Mexico Highlands University in '22 with a dual masters degree in social work and business administration. I accepted a position in Aurora, Colorado at the VA hospital, where I have been working for over a year in inpatient case management. I am a military veteran, and enjoy attending regional burns, public speaking with Toastmasters, advocating for veterans concerns at the local government level, and I am beginning to learn piano.


Cardiac surgeon by day. Catching up on REM at night.


Excess is a quarter time alto saxophonist, quarter time physicists, and half time working man. He has been to Burning Man once in 2019 and has ever since pledged to not miss a year.

I have been playing the saxophone for 5 years and all I want to play is Bebop and with PlayaPops. I love hiking with my partner in life and our two dogs, Dante and Scruff.

Allen Freedman

Fiery Fiddler

Hi friends! Iíve been to Burning Man twice and it was utterly life changing for me. Getting to return to the dust with the intention of playing music and making new musical friends, I know itís going to be the best burn yet!

I live in Portland, OR, and I teach and perform Irish fiddle. I perform at Celtic festivals and Scottish Highland Games throughout the U.S. with my band, Katie Jane Band. I also started the Celtic Light Orchestra- the worldís only light up orchestra!

I canít wait to meet you and play music with you all! See you in the dust!! )(


I have played in numerous concert bands, world music ensembles and jazz groups in the Rogue Valley of So. Oregon. I am a founding member of the Bathtub Gin Serenaders, where I play clarinet, soprano and alto sax

Sasha Nochin goldberg

My first Burning Man (and the only one for the moment) was 2019. So,i am almost a virgin.I was a part of audience in the PlayaPop concert, of course i liked it.I play tuba and sousaphone around 20 years ,like it, like music and hope i will be part of Playa Pops this year 2023


My first experience with the PlayaPops was as an audience member at my first burn in 2017. I had not played my flute since freshman year of High School, but I knew I wanted to be a part of the Pops! I signed up for the 2018 season, took months to relearn how to play the pieces, and have been here every year since. Being in this group gave me the confidence to continue playing year round by joining a local wind ensemble at home.

Practicing our pieces is one of my favorite parts of burn prep. I love knowing that there are musicians practicing all over the world, planning to play together soon in BRC.

PlayaPops founder, Pigtails, started something truly special here. She created a fun filled orchestra in the desert that encourages all ability levels to participate. It has such pure Burner spirit! I am so honored to do my part in continuing her work by taking on the role of PlayaPops director.

You can reach out to me for any assistance you may need and I will do my best to help, or point you in the direction of someone who can. Find my email on the Contacts page. Dust wishes!


Iíve been playing clarinet for over 60 years, including University of Arizona Marching Band, where we appeared in the first Super Bowl. I presently have a 12-piece klezmer band that performs professionally for various events, play alto clarinet in a clarinet choir, and play with various Jewish musical groups. Having attended my first burn in 2010, I was intrigued by all the music on the playa, and started playing with the Burning Band, Playa Pops and others 2016-2019. The last few years Iíve camped with Snowflake Village/Burning Band and look forward to being with all of you in 2022. Safety Third!