How to prepare for Burning Man and the Playa Pops experience

Arrive early to set up & assist where needed.

  Bring the following:

1) Instrument(s) & Case thats easy to ID. (Do not bring your top of the line of either)
An inexpensive instrument can be found on line? EBAY? Craigs List?

2) BYO Folding stand - (We stand up for the performances/rehearsals)
If you sit (Cello or need to sit- BYO stool)

3) Strings, Reeds, Cork Grease, Valve oil, Rosin, chap stick - what ever applicable.

4) Organize your Sheet music in binder.

5) Clips to hold your music to the binder & Music stand (Can get windy).

6) Optional.. weight to hold the foot of the stand down.

7) H2O and a cup for whatever our host offers.

8) Pencils.