Playa Pops News

3-8-24: Music is available

You can now access the music for 2024 on the PlayaPops website.

You can find the music under the Participate tab, along with audio files to help you practice. Audio tracks can be slowed down to assist with learning. Right click or click the ellipse to change the speed.

Some parts you will need to purchase from JW Pepper. To do this, follow the link for each piece and scroll down to find the individual parts. It should cost $3-$7 per piece for a total of $23 for winds or $30 for strings. Note that In Paradisum is for strings only. The rest of the music is available at no cost and can be downloaded through the zip flies. These pieces were arranged by our wonderful supporter, Carsten Gerlitz.


Carsten (Berlin Man) was our conductor in 2018 and 2019, Phil (Buttons) was our fearless leader in 2022, and Bryan Nies led us in 2023. As luck would have it, all of these fine conductors have conflicts and cannot attend in 2024. That said- if you know of a burner with conducting experience who might be interested, please email me at ! I am making inquiries, and trusting that the playa will provide. We will prepare and perform one way or another!