Playa Pops News

3-8-24: Music is available

You can now access the music for 2024 on the PlayaPops website.

You can find the music under the Participate tab, along with audio files to help you practice. Audio tracks can be slowed down to assist with learning. Right click or click the ellipse to change the speed.

Some parts you will need to purchase from JW Pepper. To do this, follow the link for each piece and scroll down to find the individual parts. It should cost $3-$7 per piece for a total of $23 for winds or $30 for strings. Note that In Paradisum is for strings only. The rest of the music is available at no cost and can be downloaded through the zip flies. These pieces were arranged by our wonderful supporter, Carsten Gerlitz.


Carsten (Berlin Man) was our conductor in 2018 and 2019, Phil (Buttons) was our fearless leader in 2022, and Bryan Nies led us in 2023. As luck would have it, all of these fine conductors have conflicts and cannot attend in 2024. That said- if you know of a burner with conducting experience who might be interested, please email me at ! I am making inquiries, and trusting that the playa will provide. We will prepare and perform one way or another!

5-13-14: Our conductor for 2024

I am excited to introduce our conductor for the 2024 PlayaPops season: Paul Fleming

Paul is an active performer, music educator, and New Music advocate hailing from Reno, Nevada. As a founding member of Reno Modern Brass, a New Music-focused brass ensemble, Paul has helped to commission and premiere over a dozen works written by local composers since the group's founding in 2018. Paul has received music degrees from The Boston Conservatory and University of Nevada, Reno. He has performed many times with groups such as the Reno Philharmonic, Reno Chamber Orchestra, Reno Jazz Orchestra, and many others throughout the region. Paul has appeared as soloist with Ruby Mountain Symphony (Elko, NV) and Hickman Brass Ensemble (Reno, NV), and will appear as soloist with the Toccata Symphony (Lake Tahoe) this summer. When not teaching elementary music or playing trombone, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters (10 and 7), jogging, and coaching his school's award-winning LEGO Robotics team.

Paul performed as a trombonist with Black Rock Philharmonic last year, and has a goal of participating in as much music as possible on playa in 2024.

Welcome Paul, we are so happy to have you join us!

PlayaPops 2024 Schedule- UPDATED JULY 8

Monday, August 26:
--12pm-2pm rehearsal at Red Nose District 4:15 & Esplanade

Tuesday, August 27:
--10am-12pm rehearsal at Skinny Kitty Tea House 2:15 & E
--5:30pm call time, 6:00pm performance at Skinny Kitty Tea House 2:15 & E
(You may leave instruments at Skinny Kitty between the rehearsal and the performance, at your own risk of course)

Wednesday, August 28:
--3:30pm call time, 4:00pm performance at Red Nose District 4:15 & Esplanade
(For this performance we will be joined by various aerial/circus acts. Red Nose District invites us to stay for Happy Hour after the performance)

Thursday, August 29:
--10:00am call time, 10:30am performance at The Temple (Set up on the shady side. This will be a slightly shorter performance as it is less of a "show" and more our gift to the Temple)

Friday: OFF

Saturday, August 31:
--11:30am call time, 12:00pm call time at Center Camp (Set up under the center tent)